The Whimsical Duchess offers a delightful array of designs, each available in a versatile range of fabrics. Whether you're looking to elevate your upholstery, fashion a unique piece of clothing, adorn your tables with tablecloths and runners, enhance your walls with hanging art, create captivating backdrops, or cozy up with blankets and beach towels, our collection has you covered. The options extend to napkins and aprons, and outdoor fabrics, ensuring that every aspect of your space can be infused with the charm of The Whimsical Duchess' imaginative creations.

  • WHIMSICAL WEAVE - 1.6m Wide

    Whimsical Weave (1.6 meters wide) is printable up to 1.5 meters wide.

    Priced at R655 excluding VAT per meter, this proudly South African woven fabric is crafted from 100% polyester, providing a lovely matte canvas texture.

    The fabric is fully washable, and its vibrant print stands out against a crisp white background.

    Perfect for tablecloths, softer runners, scatters, curtains, napkins, and aprons, this versatile fabric combines quality and aesthetic appeal for a range of uses.

  • WHIMISICAL SWAY - 1.46 m Wide

    Introducing Whimsical Sway (1.46 meters wide) at R780 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This imported fabric boasts a robust 60,000 rub count and is entirely washable.

    This imported fabric boasts a robust 60,000 rub count and is entirely washable.

    The print is not only beautiful but also features softer colors against a cream background.

    Ideal for upholstery, runners, scatter cushions, wall hangings, headboards, and more, Whimsical Sway combines durability with an aesthetic touch for versatile and stylish home decor options.

  • SLUBBY - 146 cm Wide

    Introducing Slubby (1.46 meters wide) priced at R780 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This imported fabric is 100% washable and features a vibrant color palette against a crisp white background.

    Known for its stiff texture, Slubby is the ideal choice for creating perfect table runners, aprons, and scatters.

    Elevate your home decor with this versatile and visually striking fabric.

  • LINO - 160 cm Wide

    Discover Lino (1.6 meters wide) at R890 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This linen-blend fabric offers the appearance of linen with the convenience of a washable material.

    Imported and guaranteed not to fade, Lino features a dark cream background, creating a softer print reminiscent of linen textures.

    Ideal for tablecloths, jackets, skirts, scatters, and aprons, Lino brings a touch of elegance to your home or wardrobe with its versatile and enduring qualities.

  • STRETCH SATIN - 150 cm Wide

    Introducing Stretch Satin (1.50 meters wide) at R520 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This soft and flowy fabric is perfect for creating skirts, palazzo pants, napkins, and bed linen (note the width).

    Enjoy the convenience of fully washable material while indulging in the luxurious feel of Stretch Satin.

    Elevate your wardrobe and home decor with this versatile and elegant fabric.

  • MARIO UPHOLSTERY - 148 cm Wide

    Meet Mario (1.48 meters wide) , priced at R1004 excluding VAT.

    This tightly woven, highly durable upholstery fabric boasts an impressive 35,000 rubs.

    Revel in the brightness and vibrancy of its colors, enriched with a natural undertone.

    Mario is fully washable and colorfast, making it a versatile choice for upholstery, runners, blinds, headboards, scatter cushion covers, and even stylish handbags.

    Elevate your space with the durability and vibrant aesthetic of Mario.

  • TOWELING (POLYESTER) - 150 cm Wide

    Polyester Towelling, 1.5 meters wide, is available at R758 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This versatile fabric is perfect for crafting beach towels, bath towels, bath sheets, face cloths, and kitchen towels.

    Featuring unique floral designs, it makes for an exceptional and practical gift. Elevate your essentials with the quality and charm of our polyester towelling.

  • PREMIUM VELVET - 144 cm Wide

    Introducing Premium Velvet (1.44 meters wide) priced at R1280 excluding VAT – a luxurious velvet fabric with a glamorous finish and natural cream undertones.

    With 40,000 rubs, it's durable for upholstery yet soft enough for stylish tablecloths and luxurious garments like coats or jackets.

    Fully washable and colorfast, this fabric is recommended for tablecloths, bed throws, headboards, upholstery, scatter cushion covers, and elegant garments. Elevate your space and wardrobe with the opulence of Premium.

  • MONGOLIAN FLEECE - 150 cm Wide

    Mongolian Fleece (1.5 meters wide) is available at R650 per meter, excluding VAT.

    This heavenly fabric offers a soft, fluffy, and silky feel, creating a beautiful touch.

    With options in white, cream, and mushroom for various effects, this fully washable and colorfast fleece is perfect for crafting cozy blankets and baby blankets. Immerse yourself in comfort and beauty with Mongolian Fleece.

  • PATIO WATERPROOF - 3 meter Wide (Price per square meter)

    Presenting our Patio and Outdoor Waterproof Fabric (3 meters wide) at R570 per square meter, excluding VAT.

    This exceptionally strong and durable fabric is not only waterproof but also dustproof, making maintenance a breeze with just a simple wipe clean.

    Ideal for crafting outdoor tablecloths, picnic blankets, waterproof bags, and upholstery for outdoor furniture.

    Elevate your outdoor spaces with the resilience and practicality of this versatile fabric.

  • FABRIC WALLPAPER (Fully Washable) (Price per square meter)- 3.2 meter Wide.

    Introducing our Fabric Wallpaper, priced at R965 excluding VAT per square meter, with a generous width of 3.2 meters.

    This fully washable wallpaper features unique fine art photography and botanical designs, curated for interior designers seeking a distinctive touch.

    Elevate your space with the fusion of artistry and functionality offered by our Fabric Wallpaper.